Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jewelry style tips to compliment a round face

Fullness is one of the major characteristics attributed to the round face shape. Therefore there's a need for an added dimension of length to be created, in order to help provide balance. To draw the eye in an upward direction, facial features need to appear lifted. Jewelry pieces can be used to accentuate your best features, while at the same time provide the illusion of facial length to compliment your silhouette.

The choices in jewelry that you choose to wear should reflect these elements within their shapes and styles (especially with pieces that are worn close to the face).

A necklace is one of the most expressive pieces of jewelry that can be worn. It can frame the face, draw attention to specific features (depending upon length, size and style chosen), and accentuate personal style. With a wide range of styles, shapes, sizes materials and colors available, wearing a necklace is a great way to complete a look!

Appropriate Necklaces Styles for the Round Face Include:

Long t-style necklaces (which compliment a round face nicely and create the illusion of length).

28" to 34" (Opera Length) necklaces are also flattering choices.

Styles that are in the shape of a "V" create a longer, leaner line.

Round Faces Should Avoid:

Chokers, collars or short necklaces of any style.

Large pearls, stones and bulky pieces that tend to add visual weight to the neck.

With so many different shapes and styles of earrings available, including; ovals, buttons, drop chandeliers, hoops, studs etc. (just to name a few), the choices seem to be endless! That's why it's important to choose styles, shapes and sizes that both compliment your facial shape and accentuate your personal style. Always keep in mind that the larger the earrings, the more noticeable they are. Therefore the types of earrings that you choose to wear have a direct impact on your overall appearance. This could have the potential of bringing out your best features, or pointing out your flaws. Earrings are worn so closely to the face, that they're often considered to be one of the most important accessories. They also have the ability to reflect light and flattering color onto your face.

Appropriate Earring Styles for the Round Face:

Geometric shapes including squares, triangles, rectangles, diamonds and long ovals (also simple round medium sized studs).

Long earrings and drop earrings draw attention to the face and are the most flattering styles (creates the illusion of length).

A combination of curved and straight angles.

Round Faces Should Avoid:

Any round or circular shape (unless they're long), medium size studs, soft teardrop styles, or combination of curved and straight angles.

Any large round buttons, or very small studs.

Large and bulky styles that create the illusion of width.

The most important thing to remember when choosing jewelry for yourself is that you must feel comfortable. Whichever types of styles you choose to wear, always make sure that your unique personality shines through. It's important that your feel confident, beautiful and at ease. Style is important, but never put it above your own personal comfort!


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